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Video Download Information

How does it work?

Purchase any video (full list here) use the PayPal payment button adjacent to download to make payment, you can add more to you basket if you want.

After we have received your payment you need to complete our very simple form and submit it, you should be directed to this after payment, if you’re not Click Here.

After that we will send you a link from Dropbox, to download your video(s) You do not need to be a member or sign up to anything to receive your download (but options are available if want to).

Dropbox is good if you want to watch your video on a mobile phone or tablet (they also have an App for iOS and Android) Or simply download it to your computer.

Dropbox is for DOWNLOADING a video file to your device, please avoid playing back from Dropbox or it will stop after 15 minutes. We will send you an additional link from YouTube where you can stream your video without having to download if you prefer, but you will have to sign in to YouTube.

What type of file will I download?

All files use the H264 MP4 codec, the audio is stereo using the AAC codec at 128 kbps. If a video is available in High Definition we will send you a link to download the SD and HD version.

Standard definition resolution is 720 pixels wide, the depth will vary depending on the aspect ratio, which will either be 4:3 or 16:9. The video bit rate for all SD clips is 750 kbps

High Definition resolution is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels depth. The video bit rate for all HD clips is 3000 kbps

Most devices will playback this file type without a problem.